Chris and Victoria: our story


Entering the world of online dating

Well, it was quite a long time ago when I decided to find my real love through one of the popular dating sites for Christians called By that moment I had a couple of sad stories of my own connected with women, so I thought that it couldn’t go any worse if I try the free opportunities of online dating.

But soon I understood that online dating wasn’t just the right way of finding someone – at least it seemed so to me. Well, instant communication, messaging, flirting and other positive sides of the online dating sites are fun, but, you know, it was probably two or three times, no more, when I felt that I was ready to invite some girl for a date. And, unfortunately, all of my potential matches lived too far from me so arranging a date somewhere in-between would have been quite an uneasy business. Besides, I met a few women that were actually interested in some long-term relationship with me. Sad but true. And so I almost gave up the idea of finding that “special girl”. I didn’t delete my profile at, but I visited the site quite rarely and with reluctance – just to check out the updates. And that went on and on until something important changed in my life when I met Victoria one day…

Victoria to enter my life

Of course, some people might consider it to be just another dating story of two people online, but, you know, for both of us it was truly an amazing experience. I remember when I was sitting late at night, surfing on the web and staying logged in at for some reason. It was a rainy night and I felt quite uncomfortable when suddenly I read a message from Victoria saying something like: “Hello! Need company for this boring period of life?” I was naturally very surprised to read those strange words and so it took me some time to reply her. We exchanged some jolly messages and then even talked to each other over the phone. It seemed that we both had fun communicating with each other. But a few days later after the last call I got into a bad car accident… Naturally I lost connection with Victoria until after several operations I managed to have an access to the internet and tell her that I was OK. Luckily for me she happened to live not far from me and you may imagine my surprise when she said she had worried about me so much like she felt something bad had happened to me. And it was so nice of her to visit me at hospital… Well, we may consider it the very start of our real life relationships. And now, thanks to, we have been dating for about half a year and we are currently thinking about moving in together!

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