My online love story


“People meet, people fall in love, people get married …” And actually, where do people meet and get acquainted? First at school, then in college, then at work. Let’s suppose that you have tried all these sources but haven’t met a soul mate. But you need somebody’s warmth, love and affection…

And then the happy stories about dating via the Internet come to your mind

So, I chose one of the best dating sites from the list and signed in. I added the most attractive photos and started my online search. There were some good guys, but the conversation was the following: – Hi. Cool photo. Is this your photo? Do you have a boyfriend? – Hi. Thank you. Yes, this is my photo. No boyfriend.-Why are you so pretty and without the boyfriend? Well, what is the answer to this question? I replied, “Just to answer the questions of such great guys like you!” Naturally, our acquaintance ended on this positive note.

After sitting on this site for about a month, I finally felt desperate to find someone interesting. I decided that online dating is not for me. But it was not the end, as they say: “Never say never.”

My experience

Now I am talking to a guy on the Internet for half a year. You can agree that this is still quite a good time. I do not know how this happened, because I’m not very fond of such communication and do not take it seriously. In this correspondence we had everything: a good communication… some quarrels… warmth… alienation… friendship… just online dating… Several times we wanted to stop to chat with each other, but when a couple of days we had no contacts, then someone broke the silence and wrote the first…

But we are interested in chatting with each other and it’s hard to explain why it is so. We have never met in a real life. Only had some talks over the phone. We know about each other nearly everything, support each other, tell everything, and live in one place.

You will ask me why we haven’t met. I think we are afraid to destroy something good that is between us, but I do not know how to call this, but we have something. Sometimes I want to see him alive and I’m angry that I can’t, but then this feeling goes away, as the common sense prevails and we continue to communicate online.

We quarrel very often, but put up. I see that he needs this as well as I. Our correspondence lasts for hours. And yet so much time we spend saying goodbye. To put it simple: it’s so interesting!

I’ll tell you that everything in life happens. Someone believes in online dating, someone doesn’t believe. Those who tried mainly advise others to do the same. Just do not wait that you will be given everything and at once. And do not rush. Everything in life happens as it should be.

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