Online dating: possible risks


It’s an open secret that online dating industry these days provides enough space for different kinds of the online frauds together with an opportunity for dating initiatives. Well, many couples flirt, date and then meet in real life via the online websites indeed, but unfortunately not all online encounters end up in engagement and then marriage. Some of the online dating episodes lead to great financial and emotional losses. Swindlers of all stripes operating even via the best dating sites can be really successful, wearing the Internet disguise of the naive and innocent online daters; hiding behind the masks in false profiles they are extremely dangerous and do not shun any means in defalcating.

That is why here we’ve prepared some of the most widespread cheats used by scammers for you, so that you could avoid the pitfall of being nicely left without your money.

Dating profile photo: cute, nice… too good to be true.

Online swindlers have been easy to spot until recently, because they usually didn’t have any photo in their profiles. Now the scammers use to hide behind the masks of real men, which makes it a difficult task to trace them… But don’t become a potential victims and pay attention to the photo: if it’s almost too good to be true, or if it looks bit “off” (for any reason) – better don’t swallow the bait.

Female scammers

Those scammers who are women (or pretend to be women) all look hot, fanciable, sexy, as young as legal, even provocative at their photos just to catch your attention, make you take the first step and write them. Typical female scammer will tell you that you’re the absolute dream of hers (even if you are in your mid 60’s, have overweight and so on.

So, if you receive a message form one of such suggestive younger women, beware. Yes, there can be relationships with age difference as well, but it’s better to be sure the person who you exchange messages with, has something else than financial motives on her mind.

Male con artists

Scammers whose aim are credulous women use to upload perfectly looking photos into their profiles. A typical scammer’s photo will present you a handsome man with a shot taken like for a photo portfolio (the matter is that the real person, whose photo is taken might know nothing about the use of his photo for lucrative purposes). Well, OK, there are enough handsome guys online, but don’t trust someone flirting with you just because of his appearance.

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