Problems You Can Face Dating A Person Who Looks Like Your Ex


Your New Next Ex

Last month, the word came that one of the online dating services is going to roll out its facial recognition software to help daters find partners who look like their exes. Singles might think that is a very good idea, but it is also may lead to some misunderstandings. OK, they suppose you have a particular “type” and that is fine, however why would anybody will to date a copy of their ex-partners? There are just some of too many problems, which could arise…

#1. Calling out Your Ex’s Name

Particularly during that time when you are drunk or tired or… in grips of your passion. There is nothing more romantic than forgetting your current partner’s name, and you are guaranteed to confuse the facts about them. (“This is not your favorite restaurant? What exactly do you mean?”) This means that you are also supposed to create the next ex in your love story.

#2. Unreal Ex-pectations

Of course, when someone has the similar appearance of your ex-partner, then you may also expect him/her to have the similar behavior and habits of your ex, either negative or positive. Your ex-partner is your ex-partner for some reasons, and many things that you remember about them actually might be negative — the fights, the arguments, the quirks — and now you will project those onto the new squeeze. Or, if you are still pining away your ex, you may hold this new partner to an ideal, which nobody could undergo. Either way, that is a terrible expectation.

#3. The Inevitable Comparisons

You will always compare the current partner and your former partner to some degree, thus if they have the similar appearance, you’ll always be thinking about how your new beloved date stacks up against the previous one. You will not be able to value this relationship this way. And how is your current one supposed to react if they discover that you were searching for your ex’s clone?!

#4. You Will Not Get Over Your Ex

You are regressing here, but not progressing. And what if a facial recognition algorithm does just too perfectly and, wow, you did it, you find yourself matched with your real ex-partner? What the hell, might give it as well one more go, right?

#5. This Relationship Will Be Skin Deep Only

Though, if you are dating somebody only because they have the similar appearance of somebody you used to date, then you are really not respecting him/her as an individual, who — let us face it — is a pure objectification. It is not fair to you current date and not actually healthy for you. Maybe, you should consider just finding you new “type”?

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