Real love in real life… after dating online


My everlasting experience with online dating…

You know, I’ve spent much time on trying and testing various online dating websites, and with every new attempt it seemed to be in vain – I thought I merely wasted my time and energy, remaining disappointed in the end. But I didn’t lose my hope to find some girl that would make me happy… at least online. I thought that someday I would meet her on the web and then we would be able to continue our relationships, like it happened with my ex-girlfriend Deborah… But perhaps I wasn’t just lucky enough to come across such a chance for the second time from the fourth or fifth try.

My real success

And so that went on until I come across the dating website. I remember that I thought something like: “Hmm, this one might have some more possibilities…” And that turned out to be rather a successful choice for me. I am so incredibly happy now that I decided to sign up for it. Well, to be fully honest, at first it seemed to me that I found just another dating service, although I believed it really had some potential for me. And so I browsed around women’s profiles and had fun exchanging messages with a couple of them and then just out of the blue Daisy appeared online.

By that time I began to realize that meeting someone for relationships was even more challenging. But, you know, Daisy managed to prove that I was wrong and change my mind. She was just… natural. She seemed to know me even better than I do know myself! Like she was reading my thoughts or something like that. I remember when she just wrote “Hey, good night!” when we happened to meet online late at night, after midnight. “Wanna talk?” – “Have you looked at the time??” – “So what, it’s only 2 am, you aren’t going to sleep anyway”. And the matter was she was right, I really didn’t want to sleep! And so let her make me open to this new experience – again, up to the end. So when Daisy told me that it would be great to meet somewhere in a diner, I grabbed at this opportunity. Then, after a number of first dates another idea came into my mind. And I told Daisy: “What if we try to spend more time together… let’s say you move in with me? What do you say?” – “Deal!” – she answered at once and smiled at me and then we happily hugged…

Now Daisy’s my fiancée! became the place online for us, which we both were looking for! We are now planning our wedding later this year and all that thanks to such a great web dating service!

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