Red flags during your date


Want to be careful with your dating partner during the date in real life after meeting someone seemingly matching at one of the free Christian dating sites, for example? Pay attention to the following factors on your first/second date.

Criticism from the very start

You know, sometimes it is an annoying thing to hear some criticism and some shakey claims towards you. Especially that matters when you face critical words during your initial date. For instance, imagine that you come to meet your dating partner at some place and the first thing that you hear from him/her is how late you’ve come and how badly you are dressed for a date. If your date starts criticizing you that early, then he or she is likely to continue sticking to that pattern of behavior on and on later. So analyze the signs of criticism and draw the necessary conclusions.

Talking too much about himself/herself

You will probably agree that a really good conversation on a date should include conversational turns, equally distributed between you and your partner. Well, of course, it may happen so that one of you will be too shy for an easy talk, then the other one will take the initiative. That’s OK, but at the same time no one would probably like to sit and to the endless life stories without an opportunity of thrusting in a word; it can become a pretty boring and tiresome deal. Well, everything can go even worse, when you face the situation your dating partner cuts you off each time when you try to talk more about yourself. Anyway, let’s not forget that a date is a perfect opportunity to get to know each other better, not a chance for listening to a 2-hour speech about how awesome your partner is.

Messaging on your date

Living in the world of mobile digital technologies, it is a sign of disrespect to show that you are too busy to spend some time with your partner. Unfortunately, not all the people understand that and as a result we find ourselves totally uninteresting for our partner at the date, because he seems to be more interested in exchanging messages with his friends.

Sexual aggression

Well, always be mindful that there is a difference between innocent flirty compliments and direct hints on sexual intercourse. Sometimes a few compliments are enough, but when there are too many of them and when they turn into some dirty jokes and obscenities, have a closer look at your date. For example, when you are searching for a long-term commitment, you will definitely want someone who is trying to get to know you better first and not just having sex with you.

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