Several tips to master the art of dating Asian women


Thinking of some serious relations with an Asian woman? In fact, there can be enough reasons for you to choose from the cute Asian girls for dating, for they all seem to possess some magical charm to attract your attention. So here are a few simple base rules, which will let you know how not to miss this charm of theirs (at least from the first try).

“Asian” not necessarily means Japanese or Chinese only

The first thing for you to remember is that Asian-looking women can actually come from different countries – there are about forty various Asian nationalities and ethnic groups, not to mention the countless mixed variants, who can be hot-looking indeed as well. So, instead of relying on guessing the girl’s origins (which is really a totally bad idea) better pay her a compliment about her unusual, unique and beautiful appearance and then gently ask her about her roots. That’s it – you will show you interest and make her understand that she’s special to you, but not more than that, because the fetish for Asian girls isn’t highly praised among them at all, you know (so, it’s definitely better not to mention if you have already got the experience with other Asian women).

Don’t fall for stereotypes either

Not all of the Asian women are as that calm and even submissive as they are usually thought by every western man to be. However, like all other women, they need care, peace, comfort, safety and the overall sense of being protected by a man nearby. So be confident in yourself and your efforts in public, but at the same time try to avoid being too obtrusive – that’s no good anyway.

Be a real gentleman

As it was already said, in order to produce a good impression on her you must show that you can take care of yourself and your business, be polite and decent in conversations and actions. Asian girls do appreciate your good manners. Still, learn how to preserve a little bit of some boyish features. Note that nervous, loud, insecure, suspicious, jealous, showing off – all these are the kinds of men that would scare Asian women away rather than attract them.

Furthermore, bear in mind that it is natural for Asian people to make much of your education, wisdom and life experience. For a Asian girl it will be a real happiness to feel that near such a clever person as you she will know more and become a cleverer person herself. So take care of that, too and good luck!

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