The remedy can be to concentrate on the body before the brain


Six Tips to Get Back Your Sex Drive

For the past several years, an anthropologist and author of Anatomy of Love, Helen Fisher has been analyzing the numbers from a huge sex survey performed by one of the leading Catholic dating websites online dating site. (It sampled about 20,000 unmarried American males and didn’t include members.) “I was horrified,” says Fisher. She found out that for males in their sexual prime, or 20 through 40, nearly20 % had not had sex in past year and 25% reported it happened less than once a month or. “It is really a sexual hunger for single folks in this country.”

Expert Says

Notice, we do not know for sure that males are getting it on with striking infrequency if compared with the last generation. Anthropologists were not consulting for dating sites 30 years back. But today’s life – the violently competitive job market, the “ever plugged in” digital culture, the ready access to sex drive depleting medications (blood pressure meds, SSRI antidepressants) – suggests it. “These males are coming out of the woodwork,” an endocrinologist and a New York City anti¬aging doctor Florence Comite says. “They are feeling overwhelmed, they are juggling a million things, but their libido is down.”

Psychologists Advice

“The remedy can be to concentrate on the body before the brain,” the psychologists say. “The resolution to low sex issue has to do with a lifestyle change more than some blinding insight about how really sex represents some preconscious thing that you did not know it represented,” Russell Stambaugh says, a psychologist in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and a spokesperson for the American Association of Sexuality Therapists, Counselors, and Educators. Focus on essential physiological factors and your mind follow. The bigger takeout: Loss of sex drive is not the unavoidable baggage of aging – your sex life success is up to you.

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