Three mistakes you must not make dating a man


Usually women tend to make a lot of mistakes while dating – in real life and especially after the online dating period at one of the popular free dating websites. Of course, not all of them can be called so fatal or even serious. Nevertheless, there are things to be considered understood and corrected by you, if you want to be the kind of woman, who is absolutely wanted for dating and relationships by men. So take out your ring-bound notebook and get ready to make notes.


Ask yourself a few questions: do you really trust him? If so, then why should you waste your time on such a totally useless thing as jealousy? Is it such a necessary thing for you to be suspicious and get nervous every time he looks at some attractive girl? In case you really think so, that is a sign you feel insecure, which is in fact one of the major turn-offs for most men. Instead of pestering yourself with questions about whether he is going to cheat on you this time or no, better just follow one wise principle: smart men do not cheat on those women, who have cultivated enough self-esteem and are confident in their relationships. That’s why there’s no point in being jealous all the time: believe in yourself, that’s the question of chemistry between you, so make sure the man you’re dating has no reason to cheat on you. Otherwise it’s a sign your relations went wrong from the very start.

Devoting too much time to dating

Believe that spending the entire time on your relationships won’t be for the benefit of both you and your date. Too much of the concentration of your life on them, putting work, family and friends aside might serve as another turn-off for a man, if you happen to look demanding attention and care in his eyes. So don’t forget that relationships are only a part of your life, may be the most important one, but they won’t (and must not!) make your whole life.

Hidden aggression

Indeed, most men wonder why women can be so aggressive at times, without a clear reason for that, not explaining anything, either thinking a man must guess everything himself or just getting on his nerves on purpose. That’s truly one of those social skills that are developed by women only and for one aim – burn men up. Keep in mind that every time you answer “No, everything’s just fine” through gritted teeth can come you at a price. Being nervous and showing your teeth aren’t the best ways to develop any relationships. Even if the stars aren’t aligned the way you like tonight, you’ve got headache or anything like that – better be discreet and tell him the truth.

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