Tips for men on the first date (and the following ones as well)


1. Stay forearmed and ready

Be mindful that your first date is a great opportunity to produce the best impression on her, so don’t lose such a chance. After all, first impressions are the most long-lasting. So begin with your appearance – hair cut, your new (or your best) clothes, not to mention such evident things as bristle, nails or bristle. Don’t be late for your date – it is an excusable fault for girls only.

Then, if you are going with her to a restaurant, make sure that food you order will be acceptable for both of you. The same thing with going to a movie – choose some variant that will equally suit you and her. That is why plan the strategy of your actions beforehand to get prepared for possible unarranged situations.

2. Mind your behavior during the date

Manners, young man, manners are the thing that really matters when you are on a date with a woman (or even when you are dating someone at one of the free dating sites). So don’t forget about the compliments about the way she looks and dresses. Offer your arm when she gets out from the cab, open the door before her and the rest of these little nice things that will help to make you a delicate and well-mannered man in her eyes. By the way, pay attention to the eye contact between you – look into her eyes when you are listening to what she is telling you all the time.

3. Confidence is one of the keys

Never get nervous, no matter whether it is your first date or not. Of course, it is easier to say than to do, especially if you keep getting all worked up, so leave it for someone else, who is less self-reliant. When it comes to discussing various things, stay within a couple of topics, which you can talk about easily for hours.. (but at the same time they shouldn’t be too dull for her). Apply your sense of humor, only if you know for sure that is your strong point, in order to clear the atmosphere.

OK, you can always ask her about her interests and hobbies to make that a starting point for a nice conversation. Also mind that choosing someone to date with the same interests as yours is a big advantage.

4. Keep it simple!

Thinking about a place for a date, just choose something usual for you – a drink in a nearby bar might be not the worst variant for a date, you know. As a matter of fact, it is always better to make a choice of some place that you have already been to before – it will let you feel more casual and create the necessary atmosphere for a date. But take care and make sure that she will like your favorite place, too, unless you want to have a lot of minor problems.

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