Top romantic ideas for your autumn date


Summer by no doubt the best season for any kind of dating: summer sports and activities, outdoor recreation, festivals, open air concerts and so on. But it won’t last forever anyway, you know, so it’s better be prepared for long-term perspective and know for sure what to do on a date when fall comes, isn’t it? After all, what if you find your real romance via free dating sites at the end of the summer and then want to have a special date?

Despite the nod toward summer, its sunny pet days are too easy for arranging dates. The fall makes it a bit challenging to plan some really winning dates with its sudden changes of weather, rainy and cold days, etc. Nevertheless, you choose one of the really good ideas for fall dates listed below.

Farewell to summer – last picnic

Since picnics as such are inevitable part of summer time, it’s always difficult to face the idea they soon will be gone with the coming of fall season. Therefore check out for the right time when the weather conditions still allow you to arrange a picnic that would be devoted to saying goodbye to summer pleasures. The edge of seasons is a truly charming time for romantic dates in its own way, so reap the benefits of having the last picnic with your date. Be only sure that you have got all the necessary things for picnic like blanket to sit on, a bottle of wine, sandwiches, some snacks, may be some chocolate, etc. Last picnic can be a lot of fun.

Tasting wine together

Fall festivals that are organized by the wineries, which do their last press and produce their sweet dessert wines are not so rare occasions nowadays. Many wine shops have sets of dessert wines, or can be even ready to set up a special custom wine tasting for your couple. Going to one of such festivals might become a really romantic date.

Getting prepared for the winter time

Summer’s end is a wonderful time for hiking somewhere in the suburban woods or, if you don’t like too much physical activity, simply walking your dogs together in the park, watching the fall leafage falling off slowly in the sunset. But if you want to spend more time closer to each other on your date, then you can count on good old sitting near a fireplace somewhere in a log cabin – isn’t that a perfectly romantic variant? Just imagine you both enjoying the warmth of fire with a glass of hot mulled wine, cider, or, let’s say, hot chocolate or any other beverage, talking about mere trifles and listening to the noise of burning wood… what can be more romantic?

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