Amy and Matthew: look for each other on the web!


It started

About a year ago, in 2013, I registered at Before it I had tried a couple of other dating sites on the web but I hadn’t managed to find someone I was ready to spend my life with. Not that was my last resort or something like that, but, well.. OK, I thought it would my last try time before I gave up looking for someone on the web. So this time I worked thoroughly filling out my profile and then started looking for the other guys’ profiles… And I must say that Matthew’s one caught my eye but from the very start of my search, although I wasn’t quite ready to begin communication with him – and I even don’t know why. I remember that I just clicked at his profile and made a mental note to have a closer look at him later. And guess what? The next thing that happened, Matthew wrote to me! I was naturally so surprised and well… by that time I wasn’t done with my profile completely so I just logged out without reading his message.

It went on…

So on the next day I entered the site to complete my profile and read the message from Matthew. I liked it and decided to write him back. So we exchanged messages for a couple of days through the site and then gradually went to communication via e-mails. We liked each other so much that it was evident that after a few days of that, we exchanged phone numbers and jumped to phone calls. Finally, within a fortnight period, we met in person in our city – luckily for us both we happen to live in the same city.

And on…

After our first date we decided that our relations definitely needed some traditional follow-up. We took some trips together and set affections upon each other more so later on we met each other’s And – it all seemed to happen like in a dream – he made me a proposal and I replied “yes”… A real romance that took us both within a year’s period – can you imagine that? Yep, like so many people these days, we are different – but not in so many ways to prevent us from being happy together, enjoying our lives together and being really close. Of course, we discussed all the important things about our future relationships beforehand, what they meant for both of us… And you know what? We came to the conclusion that there was nothing on earth serious enough or too difficult for us to deal with. Together we feel like we can do everything and even more! Thanks to we found empowerment in each other and now are happy in our marriage.

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