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Online dating and racial segregation?

Black people + white people? As it turned out within one study performed by the group of researchers at the University of Berkeley, California, racial segregation is still alive when it comes to the question of online dating. Having analyzed more than one million (!) profiles at one of the …

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Siren dating app allows females call the shots

Desktop-based online dating is so 2008. Although sites such as eHarmony.com remain popular with older singles, younger users are flocking to mobile-first dating apps. Here’s a look at some digital tools for today’s lonely hearts. Siren is a new dating app created “for women by women”. The founders say the …

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Online fraudsters: egregious examples

A widow slightly over 60 met a man at one of the dating websites, namely at ChristianMingle.com, he sent her what she thought to be his real photo and seemed to charm her with his words of romance. The man told her that he was a contractor from Connecticut. And …

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Problems You Can Face Dating A Person Who Looks Like Your Ex

Your New Next Ex Last month, the word came that one of the online dating services is going to roll out its facial recognition software to help daters find partners who look like their exes. Singles might think that is a very good idea, but it is also may lead …

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eHarmony Launches Datebook and Windows Phone App

The number of people who are using mobile phones for their dating needs has increased significantly. It is mentioned in almost all meetings in which I have been lately: “Do you know that about 45% of people now are signing up eHarmony on their mobile phones?” That is very astounding! Guess, …

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Hot or Not: relaunched

Originally launched by two founders – James Hong and Jim Young, Hot or Not dating application is currently going through a re-launch process. As before, the app is based on rating the attractiveness of its participants and aimed at helping people connect with the “hottest” people, but this time using …

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Long distance dating can be risky for both partners

Long distance between partners can become socially hazardous Long distance dating are provided by dating website – it is hazardous – much more particularly when it comes a relationship that was born on a dating website. The social issues with dating websites in general The major aspect of dating we …

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SingldOut.com is offering matchmaking based on the person’s DNA

Chemistry talk! Dating website tests DNA and makes matches Do the genes have the answer to people’s love life? In the crowded field of dating websites, SingldOut.com is the first offering matchmaking based on the person’s DNA. “There’s a science behind an attraction,” said in the interview with USA TODAY …

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Dating applications continue changing and remaking the world of dating

The era of modern dating apps We are all aware of the world of today’s online dating, which is rapidly changing and adjusting to our needs in the 21st century, the world, which sometimes dictates its own rules we all are happy to follow though. Going more mobile, using smartphones? …

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The remedy can be to concentrate on the body before the brain

Six Tips to Get Back Your Sex Drive For the past several years, an anthropologist and author of Anatomy of Love, Helen Fisher has been analyzing the numbers from a huge sex survey performed by one of the leading Catholic dating websites online dating site. (It sampled about 20,000 unmarried …

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