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Long distance dating can be risky for both partners

Long distance between partners can become socially hazardous Long distance dating are provided by dating website – it is hazardous – much more particularly when it comes a relationship that was born on a dating website. The social issues with dating websites in general The major aspect of dating we …

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SingldOut.com is offering matchmaking based on the person’s DNA

Chemistry talk! Dating website tests DNA and makes matches Do the genes have the answer to people’s love life? In the crowded field of dating websites, SingldOut.com is the first offering matchmaking based on the person’s DNA. “There’s a science behind an attraction,” said in the interview with USA TODAY …

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Dating applications continue changing and remaking the world of dating

The era of modern dating apps We are all aware of the world of today’s online dating, which is rapidly changing and adjusting to our needs in the 21st century, the world, which sometimes dictates its own rules we all are happy to follow though. Going more mobile, using smartphones? …

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The remedy can be to concentrate on the body before the brain

Six Tips to Get Back Your Sex Drive For the past several years, an anthropologist and author of Anatomy of Love, Helen Fisher has been analyzing the numbers from a huge sex survey performed by one of the leading Catholic dating websites online dating site. (It sampled about 20,000 unmarried …

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The recent survey made by Stanford University shows unbelievable data

Online Dating is Getting Popularity for Meeting Potential Partners When they are speaking about looking for love, dating online is the right place to look at. Research made by Stanford University showed that dating online is quickly replacing offline dating as the preferred option for meeting partners to date. According …

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Matchmaking job done in vain?

No hope for all those who are seeking love? The study undertaken by the group of independent researchers (with specialists in sociology, social network analysis and also relationship psychology involved) seems to put the online dating effectiveness matter to the question. One of the results received during the study says …

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New applications for sex: June, this year

Want to have an application on your smartphone that would help you find a sex partner outside the best free dating websites on the web or make your sexual life more interesting? Check out for the top five sex apps of June we gathered for you here below! Down The …

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Deckinger said that it was a coup for his business

Users of dating website Jess, Meet Ken soar as startup MassChallenge prepares to seek funding Ken Deckinger is the co-founder and CEO of Jess, Meet Ken, an online dating site that allows females to create profiles of single males they know but aren’t romantically interested in, but who could be …

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The most annoying things about men

Watching football is NOT among those top 10 reasons women cheat on the men The late night kick-offs of the World Cup mean football fans are able to watch three games one after another EVERY night. However, while all arguments concerning the remote could be the main reason for deep-night …

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Dating Pro Cupid Description

Dating Pro Cupid 2015 An out of the box solution that offers you the possibility to build and personalize a secure and comprehensive online dating website. Dating Pro Cupid is a highly customizable platform on which you can build and expand an online dating website tailored for any person. Special …

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