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Unbelivable online dating story

Mirvat and Moe’s Story Moe is my name, I am 28 years old and live in UAE, in Abu Dhabi, many years ago at the age about 13, I fell in love with some girl who used to live the next door, every morning I used to wait for school …

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Our amazing story about two lonely hearts

Our story tells about… Back in October 2011 George first made with me contact on . Though we both turned to have several relationships with other members, neither of us found what we truly wished in them. Whilst all this was happening we kept on staying in contact and …

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Amy and Matthew: look for each other on the web!

It started About a year ago, in 2013, I registered at Before it I had tried a couple of other dating sites on the web but I hadn’t managed to find someone I was ready to spend my life with. Not that was my last resort or something …

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I wouldn’t have found my Prince of Wales without online dating

I have found my perfect Prince of Wales! Having never turned to Internet dating before I made a decision (just for fun!) to give it a go. Back in 2010 after some friends had used it and had dated some lovely persons on the website, outside of the circle of …

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Derrick and Lisa: love, love, love of all life

To be honest, my experience with was something just really great in my life. For there I managed to meet the girl that seems to have been created for me. None of the girls I have met before can be compared to Lisa. When I saw our match at …

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Steven and Michelle: a couple of words to be said in defence of dating sites!

What should I start from? Or first things should go first… Well… until quite recently I had had little knowledge about the dating websites as such and how they function and was in fact skeptical of their ability to connect people, thinking that they can only be a pretty nasty …

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We were so lucky to met each other!

I am so happy I met him before somebody else did We found each other in October 2011 after less than 3 months each on I liked the thing that he was funny in his frequent messages but decided that we’re just destined to stay friends before we actually …

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Tom and Elizabeth: when you hope for nothing and get everything and more

I can’t say that I am a newcomer to the world of free online dating websites, just the other way round – I signed in for one of those even before they got such a popularity they have these days. But at the same time I never took it all …

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Philip and Erica: meet, date and fall in love

I signed up for, let me remember, in summer 2013. So I spent some time there, looking for a match, didn’t manage to find anyone to attract my attention at first, but then… I was browsing the site one day as usual, when I got an invitation to chat …

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An untypical story of Martha and Steven’s “romantic” online experience

Well, I wasn’t just another person to take all the advantages of online dating. I didn’t even want to think about dating someone. Well, that doesn’t mean I think that no one matches me, or that I consider myself to be a forever alone girl – no that wasn’t my …

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