An untypical story of Martha and Steven’s “romantic” online experience

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Well, I wasn’t just another person to take all the advantages of online dating. I didn’t even want to think about dating someone. Well, that doesn’t mean I think that no one matches me, or that I consider myself to be a forever alone girl – no that wasn’t my case. The problem was that I had split on bad terms with my last boyfriend. And naturally I thought I would never ever let someone flirt with me, not to mention dating or anything like that. But it’s all different on the web, right? I mean, at that time I thought that people who prefer online dating websites, never actually meet in real life, they just manage to have enough fun, communicating online and that’s all – no strings attached, just all that online flirting stuff, which makes such services so popular.

Last try!

For that purpose I chose one of the websites for online dating that seemed to be the most promising to me – . In fact, I tried also other websites, but they all seemed to be not for me (or maybe it was something wrong with my requirements). I didn’t have enough enthusiasm and at last I decided that another try had to be the last one. I was close to the idea that it was time to get disappointed in online dating services as well.

And everything changed with one stupid joke I read from Steven one day, as he left the comment under one of my photos, where I was standing balancing on one leg near the mirror. He compared me with a ballet dancer (I didn’t even look like that!) But instead of ignoring him, I decided to write something like: “It isn’t funny at all, it was rather difficult, you know, to take a picture of myself!”. And he replied kind of: “Even I can do this better”… And so we exchanged a dozen of such mutual “suavities”– it was fun, however, sometimes Steven drove me nuts. I wanted to blacklist him several times. But every time something prevented me from doing that.

Why am I doing that?

So our original online “flirting” or, it’s better to say, cross-talk went on until one day Steven wrote: “Why, if both of us are so wit, let’s meet somewhere to practise it for real, are you OK with that?” And I must say that I headily agreed, although I promised to myself that I wouldn’t make the same mistake again.

And you know what? I’d never met such an awesome boyfriend as Steven! I mean, in real life he turned out to be the kind of man, who actually take it all easy in communication and flirting. We went to the cinema and then spent the wonderful evening together and… Time passed and soon we were engaged. No, I won’t ask you if you are able to imagine that – that was hard for me, too 

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