Breaking stereotypes about dating


Like many other aspects of our life, dating in general and dating via free dating websites in particular is subjected to various stereotypes and people use to create myths and spread rumors of that. That’s why let’s try to understand which of them can be confirmed, which are plausible and which of the popular beliefs are completely not true.

All women seek out love/romance/relationships, men look for sex only

Well, this is actually not true. We must admit that both and women can either hope to find a partner for dating and further relationships or just someone for one-night stand in real life. Or, if to put it in other words, some of women search for relationship and some just need sex, and the same can be said about men. It depends.

Your appearance does really matter

The most important thing is what you carry inside your soul, right? However, that doesn’t mean you should choose the worst photo of yours from your collection and upload it to your profile at the dating website. People who can’t take care (and especially those men and women who just don’t care) about their looks are in bad odor among other ones on the web. So keep in mind that first impression is all-important. After all, the absolute majority of dating websites and apps show other users your photo first.

Women can be happy with one man only, men are players by nature

With online dating, this can be only partly true and not always. If to put it frankly, both men and women at almost any age can be called kind of players, at any age, as we know that to love all ages yield surrender. But there are always other people around you and on the web – smarter, more interesting and successful or just new, no matter whether you are a man or a woman. The only thing that you should take into account is that in case you are currently searching for some meaningful relationship online, there’s little sense in concentrating on one person only as well as choosing the first comers.

You need to find someone who shares absolutely the same interests with you

Common interests are usually a very good background for communication. But imagine that a man and a woman have exactly the same interests… What can be more dull and boring? There will be few chances of knowing anything new and exciting for you if your partner is a mere reflection of yours. Therefore remember that complementing each other in various interests and views might be the best variant for dating.

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