Dating applications continue changing and remaking the world of dating


The era of modern dating apps

We are all aware of the world of today’s online dating, which is rapidly changing and adjusting to our needs in the 21st century, the world, which sometimes dictates its own rules we all are happy to follow though. Going more mobile, using smartphones? Why not? Feeling more comfortable even showing your geographical location? Yes, it’s a common practice, didn’t you know?

The so-called digitalized generation of the millennium, yuppies or young people, who are as a rule too busy with their college or university study, part-time jobs and social activities, absolutely enjoy this newly emerged class of the dating apps, which as they say help to save much of the precious time. Meanwhile, smartphones are the first things they look at when they wake up, so it is no wonder they prefer to look for dating and relationships through the apps.

In comparison with the free dating websites, which usually have a lot of offered profiles to be looked through and too long messages, these new apps make an impression of real brevity, give you a sense of immediacy and true harmony.

Tinder as the most prominent representative?

The leading dating app here is no doubt Tinder, with its user-friendly interface, so popular that it was used in Sochi during the Winter Olympic Games by the sportsmen. Tinder, like many dating apps, can boast integration with your Facebook profile, which is thought by many to be its unquestionable advantage. It means, particularly, that your Tinder photos are the photos you have got in your Facebook profile. Swiping your finger left or right, you can either ignore or accept your potential candidates for dating. When two people swipe right together, Tinder flashes “It’s a match!”, which means now they can exchange messages.

This one inspired simple idea that helped to kill two birds with one stone – assist all users in finding their partners for dating and at the same time filter out all the undesirable or spam propositions. Moreover, modern dating applications based on Facebook allow to do some analysis of your potential dates, which is a winning strategy, especially for those, who rose with Google and various social media channels.

And despite the fact the older generation claims younger people lack and lose the true mastership of courting, their words can only sound funny for those of us, who still remember how our fathers and mothers grew up in the hookup culture of 80’s and 90’s.

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