Derrick and Lisa: love, love, love of all life


To be honest, my experience with was something just really great in my life. For there I managed to meet the girl that seems to have been created for me. None of the girls I have met before can be compared to Lisa.

When I saw our match at I decided to write her an e-mail immediately. Later it turned out that Lisa had just gone out from a relationship… Just the way I did, in fact. So after a week or so of instant messaging, we decided to go on our first date outside the web. We met at the café and spent about three hours there – you know, soft drinks, easy talking and all the rest of such stuff. Our first date ended with a nice hug and we decided to meet again in a few days. I remember that I came home and said to myself something like: “Hmm, that girl is definitely special – we could do a lot of things together”.

My second date with Lisa and what happened next

For our second date I invited Lisa to my apartment, where I had that winning cooking experience of my own, that made such an impression on her. Lisa just loves good cooking and again, I didn’t know and didn’t even expected that she is so good at it! So after that date several months passed like in a dream for both of us and we decided to move in together. We were so excited about that and, frankly speaking, by that time we were already eager to live together.

Well, later on the next logical step was to make things official between us…

Of course, I already knew that Lisa was the one but, still I wasn’t sure as for whether I was the right kind of man for her. Although we have already spent so much time together and had so many happy moments, perhaps, I was afraid… I don’t know why. Quite a typical thing we both weren’t looking for that to happen, although we both knew that it would probably happen… sooner or later. Well, at last I felt that it couldn’t wait for any longer, purchased the ring and made Lisa a proposal on Christmas Eve. And you know what? She answered “YES, sure!” And at that moment I felt myself the happiest man on earth.

I know, that is quite a simple story… it may seem rather impulsive and even spontaneous to you but this is the way it happened between us. It was just perfect for us. During about a couple of months, we somehow managed to take care of almost all marriage arrangements… That’s it – it may be just another story of success for, but it was a real turning point in my life, in Lisa’s life… It was just great for both of us…

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