I never expected he would come to my side so quick


Our life is full of surprises

I never thought that my romantic love history will be typical, and this time my true love came! Brad, an American nice fellow, racing car driver, car engineer, and patient driving instructor, good friend, and excellent chef came to my life in April 2010. Our first meeting was at the local coffee shop near my place. He dressed casually and looked very shy. “You are very bubbly!”, was the first comment I got from him. I was laughing and smiling during our chat; he kept saying, “Let’s change topic…” indicating his nervousness. I thought he was very different from all my male friends and maybe that was why I found him interesting.

With him, I felt safe, comfortable and cheerful

He certainly added a lot of flavor and good taste to my American life! With him, I felt safe, comfortable and cheerful, and I laughed enormously like a teenager; I found the time went fast without knowing when I was with him. He was also very interested in Chinese culture: he enjoyed the Chinese food I cooked, he was very keen to learn Mandarin and he was very happy to meet my Chinese friends.

When he popped the question with a ring made of a curtain hook with one kneel down after midnight (obviously both of us did not realize that things moved so fast, so neither him nor me prepared for this with a real engagement ring), I hugged him and said yes. We stayed up all night talking about our future. Both of us decided to book the date for our marriage registration first thing the next morning. I thought this was a very romantic proposal although the curtain hook ring did not really suit my finger; this original ring is still in my drawer, with my real engagement and wedding rings.

When it comes, it comes

I always thought that my Mr. Right has to pass all sorts of tests and exams that I set up to cross the bridge to marry me, but I never expected he would come to my side so quick, just like a flash! However, I believe life is full of surprises.

I always plan things in my life journey, but love and marriage, you can never plan! When it comes, it comes. When it is hiding, you just have to wait patiently! Believe it or not, I think I am the happiest woman on this planet because I know now no matter what happens, my husband will always be with me! Thank you, eHarmony!

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