Men’s dating mistakes – is it possible to do without them?


Dating online at one of the free Catholic dating websites or Christian ones, for instance, may be an enjoyable experience, but when it comes to dating in real life, not every man can meet this challenge and very often they make mistakes which cost them dear. Let’s have a look at some of these mistakes as well as consider the ways of avoiding situations that lead to them.

Mentioning/discussing your past relationships

We all have some sad memories and painful experiences and it is natural that sometimes men want to let hair down with someone who would listen to their story. Well, it’s OK as for the reasons for that, but wait a minute… who told you that your present date should be the person who must listen to your confessions? This is one of the forbidden topics that scare women away – because how else can you describe your past relationships and exes other than in dark colors? So do not invite the spirits of your past to your date – they are absolutely self-invited guests.

Being a milk-toast

Always remember that you are a man! Never demonstrate your weak sides, especially in public, for example, by showing that you are too agreeable, have no values of your own or have no power of will – it is one of the worst things that can spoil and ruin any prospective for future relations. All these are the signs that simply signal a woman – “that guy is a weak link of evolution, he is no match for you, leave him”. Therefore again – show her that you are a real man. Never let yourself indulge her desires too much, even if you think that will be good for both of you. Don’t let her take control of your ideas, thoughts and actions. Become a sort of challenge for the woman, who you want to have a long-term commitment with. Don’t be afraid to defend your notions when arguing with a woman, if you have an opinion that differs from hers. But at the same time you should be discreet and open to various compromises.

Strict and/or hard-driving attitude towards a woman

Or the reverse side of the previous drawback. Perhaps, it will become a surprise for you that women (OK, maybe not all of them) actually do not like being treated like they were your subordinates when dating with you. Women regard dating as the good chance to ring the changes on their life, have fun and flirt with someone, so if you want a woman to be obedient and calm, make it all your way, you will be greatly disappointed to know that this is the thing that can turn off many women.

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