Our amazing story about two lonely hearts


Our story tells about…

Back in October 2011 George first made with me contact on Perfectmatch.com . Though we both turned to have several relationships with other members, neither of us found what we truly wished in them. Whilst all this was happening we kept on staying in contact and got many, many emails, as both of us felt it was just a friendship we could not do without.

The first meeting

After 2 years of communication… I do remember there was only one call made… we met for the first! We both were very nervous and as George said, if he could crawl out of the skin that moment, he would have. I wanted very much to present him a hug, however out of my pure nerves my hands reached out for the “golden handshake” instead. On our first “date” in person I met also his mum and a little boy, as well as a niece and nephew. It was awesome as I think it broke the nervous tension between I and George, and the talk just flowed.

The weeks continued along with the messaging and on the 17th of December 2013 our conversations started becoming serious. On one day, just after 9 am, George thought to himself – it was never or then. With sweaty palms George decided to let me know what he felt really… and he did! Let’s only say he was not expecting the response, which he got, however at the same time he was very hoping for it. After one month the conversation when we had a dinner in one of the best cafes in our city, he asked me suddenly that if he will get down on the knee, will I be his girlfriend… Naturally I said “Yes” and the rest is our history.

We spent nearly one week with his son and my daughter at the Gold Coast where we had absolutely great time. Lady Luck has been that time on our side as it ended up having to extend our trip back home because of flooding… but we’re not complaining!!!

Never give up!

To be honest, I would never think I can find the husband of my dreams through an online dating website. The hopes were but still you do not think it could happen to you. We’re an example that even after nearly 4 years from the first contact everything is possible. Thus, never give up because if it is meant to be it should happen…just as it has happened to George and me.

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