Philip and Erica: meet, date and fall in love


I signed up for, let me remember, in summer 2013. So I spent some time there, looking for a match, didn’t manage to find anyone to attract my attention at first, but then… I was browsing the site one day as usual, when I got an invitation to chat from a user with the name Erica999. It was a bit surprised so I took a quick look at her profile. I must say that I found her very attractive from the very start and so I accepted her offer. We chatted online on that day for about a couple of hours or so, getting to know each other better. And about a fortnight later I offered her to speak via Skype and she agreed.

Meeting in person

By that time our feelings towards each other grew stronger, but I still was a bit unsure as for the next level of our relations. You know, by that moment I had already had some unsuccessful relationships, and although I was kind of ready for the bad outcome, it was a bit difficult to make up my mind as for arranging a date in real life. And while I was still in a brown study about the whole deal, much encouragement came from my colleague, who simply asked me one day but I was waiting for. Besides, after so much time spent messaging online, exchanging photos, and talking on the phone (we exchanged our phone numbers as well), it was quite within reason to meet Erica in person. So we did in the fall of 2013 and I promised to myself that I would never forget that day. It was raining all day long; we were both we through when we met for lunch. But we were both so happy to meet in person at last that we went to the nearest pub where we had a couple of heating drinks and dried our clothes. We spoke until it was late and arranged our next meeting over the phone almost immediately after we came home. And I felt that was the connection I had been waiting for!

Our present

To cut our long story of ours short, Erica and I began dating since that memorable meeting, and have been together ever since. Now I can’t even imagine my life without Erica (no matter how old-fashioned it may sound to you). I proposed to Erica, she answered “YES”, we arranged our wedding… It seems that it happened yesterday or a week ago. I must confess that I’ve never felt happier since Erica entered my life.

We are both so thankful to, that we recommended it to all our single Catholic friends and colleagues. And we are absolutely sure that with the help of they will all find their love and their perfect match just the way we did.

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