helped to both of us


On Mother’s Day 2010 a friend remarked that I was on my own through choice, as they considered me good looking and with a bit of a personality. I thought about this, and decided that I might give a try.

I had a little success, made a few friends, but nothing really sparked my interest. I had used all my stamps and was not really looking, when the site asked me to fill out a questionnaire and I would receive some stamps for free. I let them sit for a month or so and when I got a reminder to use them or lose them I went back on the site. The very first person I saw was John. I thought ‘He will do’, and sent him a kiss along with a couple of others. John was the only reply and we arranged to meet at a cafe by the beach.

Unfortunately the cafe was closing for the day and John suggested we could go for coffee at his house as it was just around the corner, I felt very comfortable with him and agreed.

John was very chatty and very pleasant we hit it off straight away. John said he would like to see me again and we arranged to link up the next week end, plenty of calls in between. I took John to a regular gathering of friends known as Puu Puus. We was a little taken a back as there were so many of them. This was in January 2011 we had a wonderful time getting to know each other, his friend as well as all my family and friends.

In May 2006 I got very sick (diagnosed with kidney failure) I gave John plenty of opportunities to leave but he hung in there. I was on dialysis for approx 18 months and it was a testing time for both of us. On January 4th 2013 I received a transplant and finally things were going the way we planned. It wasn’t a easy road but with our sense of humour, lots of laughter and togetherness, I got well enough to get back to work in April 2013.

All was great until July 2013 when John was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Unbelievable, our worlds were crushed we were both shattered. I nursed John until he went in to a hospice for about 8 days before he passed away.

Maybe was there for both of us. Was it fate? We certainly would never had meet as are social circles were very different. I am grateful for him being there for me when I really needed him, and I am sure John felt the same. Sometimes people are only there for a short but very intense time and them they move on.

I am kind of just browsing these days I pretty sure another John won’t come into my world but thanks for letting me play.

Yours Sincerely


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