Steven and Michelle: a couple of words to be said in defence of dating sites!


What should I start from?

Or first things should go first… Well… until quite recently I had had little knowledge about the dating websites as such and how they function and was in fact skeptical of their ability to connect people, thinking that they can only be a pretty nasty waste of time in our life. But one occasion made me change my mind and… but let’s not run ahead

Despite of my low proficiency in the sphere of the online dating websites, as a person who works with computer I seem to be the-one-who-knows-everything-of-that-stuff in the eyes of my friends. So it is natural that one day an old friend of mine Terence came to me and asked me for help with the registration at He said: “Hey, Steve, why won’t you show me the ropes on your own example, come on!” Fortunately for him I wasn’t too busy then so I only sighed in return and accepted his idea.

It turned out to be not so difficult, of course, to create my own profile at the website and explain the basics to Steven. I even uploaded a pair or two of my best photos and then I got the notification that some girl liked them and offered me to start communication. “Oh, you’re the lucky one, man!” Terence exclaimed and gave me a push into the shoulder, “Now let me try my fortune!”

Staying online with Michelle

When Terence left, I wanted to ignore that strange girl, her name was Michelle at first and, on the whole, I wished to delete my profile from the site completely, but something prevented me from doing that. I thought that it might be interesting to know more about that girl so I browsed in the photos in her profile, liked some of them, said “yes” to her invitation and we exchanged some messages… before I realized that it was too late, and it was the dead of night outside the window so I made it quick to say goodnight to Michelle.

Later on that week we talked online some more and more… I understood that Michelle was my real fortunate, for no other woman could make me literally forget about everything before. Furthermore, Michelle happened to live not far from me and she insisted on a meeting in real life so finally I gave up and invited her for a traditional date to the cinema.

Our first meeting was great! We both liked the movie, talked much about everything and then got rained on after the movie… Oh, that is another story. In a word, I was very, very glad that Michelle actually made me sit up from the routine I’d been involved in for last couple of weeks or so. And now, as we’ve been dating for a month with Michelle – I should say now I believe that dating websites do make sense!

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