Tom and Elizabeth: when you hope for nothing and get everything and more


I can’t say that I am a newcomer to the world of free online dating websites, just the other way round – I signed in for one of those even before they got such a popularity they have these days. But at the same time I never took it all too seriously. Communication online can be much fun, of course, and I actually enjoyed it, but thinking about some serious relations in future with someone you met online? No, at that time I was single and it wasn’t for me, you know.

When everything changes for bad…

Then came the time period of my life, which was… well, difficult enough for me to overcome – an unsuccessful car accident, four months at the hospital, occupational therapy to follow then… Internet soon became one of my ways to enter the world outside the hospital room, before I could walk out of it and talk to someone besides medical staff or the occasional friends, who came to visit me from time to time. I came across one of the new websites and started looking for some mere communication.

You can still hope for good…

I thought that if some day I would face the situation like that again, it would be much more comfort to know that someone is nearby, some person, who is ready to help you, in case you get in trouble, and so I started looking for a life partner at the dating websites. That seemed to be a good idea at first, but then I realized that as sad as it sounds, but the majority women online are interested in light communication and flirting only. But maybe I was simply still out of luck. The whole idea turned out to be a real challenge.

And one day you get your luck

I don’t remember the day I found my Elizabeth online, but it does matter because I’d like to rubricate this date in my calendar. And I must admit that it was the name of her profile that met the eye of mine. Not the kind of Sweetlizzy1990 or something like that, you know. Her real name, not the nick to attract attention. Then I thought something like: “hmm, this woman is here not for some easy flirting, she might be looking for some serious relations, may be just as much as I do”. And my experience didn’t play trick on me – soon we exchanged a couple of messages and understood it was worth continuing our acquaintance.

To cut a long story short, Elizabeth was the woman I had been so hopelessly looking for – when I suggested that we might meet somewhere, she agreed. Luckily for me, Elizabeth lives not so far away from me. Then our relations just went on and on and one day I told her I love her and made her a proposal! And the moment she said “Yes, Tom” was the last turning point that made me believe everything can be good in this life, no matter how bad it may seem to you at first.

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