Top 5 ways to ruin your relationships

tipsonmistakes Interested in dating through Christian dating websites? Or, may be, you prefer Catholic dating? It makes no matter if you don’t know how to avoid the worst mistakes in dating and relationships, don’t you find? Some of them are described below.

1. Ignoring your dating partner

Any relationship supposes companionship and support in order to meet each other’s needs in the first place. And when our life activities, career and/or preoccupations happen to interfere with our availability for a partner, it’s not good, of course. Therefore why learn how to measure the time spent on your partner correctly. The best way is to treat your partner as the primarily important person and spend enough time together in order to maintain your non-verbal connection.

2. Not being attentive, supportive or caring

This is the thing that actually shouldn’t be explained. It is in fact the logical outcome of the previous mistake. Spending too little time with your partner means you don’t care about him or her. But being physically together isn’t enough either. In order to be fully present all the time, you need to and must be aware of your partner’s state and feelings and be ready to express your own feelings – both verbally and via other means. Even small and regular doses of caring and love are the vitally important components for keeping your relationships strong.

3. Dishonesty/lies

Anyone knows that such a simple thing as trust is what underlies the relationships between people. Cheating, telling lies and other stuff like are the main reasons for almost any relationships to result in ruination. Sincerity and true discreet should be your highest priorities if you want your dating and relationships to live and thrive.

4. Anger, pointless and motiveless accusations…

Aggressive communication is an absolutely inappropriate thing, especially if it goes on a permanent basis. Better try and learn some skills of anger management, in order to gain better control over your emotions and actions, unless you want to face the situation that someday your partner simply escapes from you. So forget as soon as possible about all kinds of misguided accusations, anger expression and other things that are definitely not the signs of your healthy communication.

5. Negative nagging and knocking

Keep in mind that if you want to have a cloudless relationship, positive things must overweigh all the negative experience you both face. Criticizing your partner without a reason or just being too pessimistic, your bring an unwanted negative spirit into your relationship that can simply cross out the positive. Of course, ignoring some real problems isn’t good either, but it’s always good to rely on positive cooperation, don’t you find?

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