Unbelivable online dating story


Mirvat and Moe’s Story

Moe is my name, I am 28 years old and live in UAE, in Abu Dhabi, many years ago at the age about 13, I fell in love with some girl who used to live the next door, every morning I used to wait for school to finish just 9 hours so I can wait for her to come from the school just to see her lovely eyes.

So after the school bus stopped near my home I just run to the bathroom and took a shower, then put on perfume, and the best clothes.

I called my best friend to ask him to wait with me, her housemaid used to wait for her too, with the small brother whose name is Moe too, that time he was about 2 years old and used to be very cute, I used to pass all that time playing football (I hate the game) with him only to see Mirvat (this is her name) kissing him after she arrived from the school but I stayed months this way without even saying her about all my feelings.

At the summer I went to the country for a holyday, I got her some gift with the M letter as it is the first letter of Mirvat name and I made a decision to go to the door of her house to knock and give the gift.

but she opened this door like she got a purpose to kill me because of bothering her when she was sleeping, anyways she was very angry and her face was on fire, so I become highly upset and I could not think actually what to do, so I told her that I just present this gift to her brother Moe, but I was like :S.

That was the day after which I ever saw her again, they leaved for a vacation, we moved from that area.

You’d never believe!

And before 4 months I was browsing the net and found a nice online dating website called Arablounge.com, I saw a profile of a nice single girl who is also 27 years old! She looked very beautiful and I liked the picture of her profile and it is the only photo I could see because she was not in the list of my contacts, I add her to the list. So I never forgot the time I came across her profile and see her photo. After some time we started to communicate, after during our chat she told that she saw me somewhere or somehow before, and that also made me to look at her photos at Facebook, and what I saw made me to be shocked I was around to have a heart attack. This is just a fairy tale! Is she the girl that lived the next door 14 years ago? Unbelievable!

I asked her some questions and the answers made me sure she is that girl. I was confident enough to tell her about my feelings long time ago. About much football for her and only to see you, that gift for her not for her brother, however, but she could not remember it, she just smiled and could not believe all this.

Our chat lasted that day online over 13 hours. It was so amazing no online dating story such as our one, and then we met the next day, and we’re in love with each other now and we’re planning to get engaged soon.


Moe and Mirvat

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